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satoshi quiz logo 35ddfSatoshiQuiz is a quiz website where users win bitcoin for correctly answering questions from various categories. A user can open the website and answer the question. To win bitcoins, user must be logged in and must be among the first three users to answer the question correctly, depending upon which he will get first, second, or third prize. The minimum withdrawal amount is 11,000 satoshis, which is very achievable.

The total prize of the question is mentioned under "PRIZE THIS QUESTION" for each question. It is awarded 60% to first user, 30% to second user and 10% to third user as explained in previous question. Also the prize for general quiz is adjusted for rank by rank factor as follows:

  • Rank 10 : Gets 20% of the prize
  • Rank 9 : Gets 40% of the prize
  • Rank 8 : Gets 60% of the prize
  • Rank 7 : Gets 70% of the prize
  • Rank 6 : Gets 75% of the prize
  • Rank 5 : Gets 80% of the prize
  • Rank 4 : Gets 85% of the prize
  • Rank 3 : Gets 90% of the prize
  • Rank 2 : Gets 95% of the prize
  • Rank 1 : Gets 100% of the prize

The prize amount is set per question and some questions have more prize than others. A user gets 10 lives at the beginning of every hour. If the users gives an incorrect answer to a question his lives count decreases by one. When the lives reaches zero the user cannot attempt more questions till he gets 10 new lives at the beginning of the next hour. At the beginning of every hour the lives count is reset to 10. If a user has run out of lives, they can also sent a tweet @satoshiquiz with #userid #morelives and the hash-tagged userid will get 10 additional lives.

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