New Ebook For Bitcoin Beginners

This new e-book is written by a Bitcoin enthusiast who made ALL the wrong moves, racking up enormous losses while trying to figure out how to make a living with cryptocurrency. In this e-book, he shares his mistakes and guides you down the path to a his successful end result of a passive income with Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

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dogecoin logo 3f6c4Moon Dogecoin is one of our favourite Dogecoin faucets, providing free Dogecoin that you can claim every 5 minutes. We really like this particular faucet because you can make the claim whenever you want. Until you make a claim, the pool of Dogecoin available to claim continues to grow as long as you keep the browser active. You can keep this open in a browser tab at work, or on you phone, and continue to claim free Dogecoin away from home.

Moon Dogecoin has a bit of a catch, the available amount for your claim accelerates quickest at the beginning and slows down over time. This is to encourage you to come back to the site often, which helps the admin get more advertising income. So, return to the site as often as you can, but if you are busy, simply leave the browser tab open to Moon Dogecoin and continue to accumulate free Dogecoin.

There are great bonuses too, including a loyalty bonus, a referral bonus, and a mystery bonus. If you return to Moon Dogecoin every day your daily bonus continues to accrue by 1% per day. Every referral you send also accumulates by 1% per referral. The mystery bonus is a random percentage every time you make a claim. Payments are sent weekly, as long as your balance is greater than the minimum 100 Dogecoin.

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